The Hikotron Tee

The Hikotron Tee

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Introducing the HIKOTRON TEE!

These Tees are special. They are made from 50% recycled fishing nets (nylon) and 50% RPET, 6 PET bottles.

The fishing nets are recovered from fishermen before they can be discarded in the ocean. Best of all they feel and look great too!

These Tees are verified by The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) meaning verified recycled input material, tracked from input to the final product, and also ensures responsible social, environmental practices and chemical use through production.

Each product sold pulls 1 kilo of marine debris from the ocean...that's amazing. Just buying one Hikotron Tee will help the planet. 

So you can feel good wearing the Hikotron Tee, whilst driving around in your EV!